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Blast From The Past for December 31st The Davis Brothers

Brothers Brad and Gene Davis certainly made an impact in films. Both brothers also have iconic nude scenes in movies with 'Midnight' in the title. Brad's memorable turn in 'Midnight Express' was his biggest role, although he worked steadily until his death in 1991. There is a lot of information on Brad on the net if you want to read about his life which was filled not only with success, but pain and sadness. Gene was harder to research, there is very little written on this actor who was so amazing as 'Warren Stacy' in the 1983 Charles Bronson film '10 to Midnight'. Gene continues to act, but has basically disappeared from the limelight. I searched and searched to find a pic of the brothers together, with no luck. There is something in both brothers that resinates through their acting. Not sure if it is the pain of their childhoods, or it is just pure talent but they bring a 'truth' to their roles though their acting and their eyes.


Brad in 'Midnight Express (1978).


Below: Gene in '10 til Midnight' (1983).